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SINGMAR: Global Tastes, Home Comforts, and Duty-Free Pleasures” SINGMAR doesn’t just supply food; we create a culinary journey with quality and a taste of home. Our multinational team ensures every ship member finds joy in diverse flavors. Indulge in more than just meals; SINGMAR provides a full range of duty-free liquor and tobacco, enhancing your journey with onboard delights. SINGMAR: Elevating shipboard comfort with global tastes and duty-free pleasures. Your journey, our commitment.

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“SINGMAR: A Global Haven of Home Comforts, Quality, and Duty-Free Delights Explore a world of comfort and familiarity as we cater to your cravings with a wide array of Australian and imported beers, along with an exquisite selection of cigars and cigarettes. SINGMAR is not just a supplier; we’re a curator of experiences, dedicated to making your journey memorable. Beyond gastronomic delights, we proudly present a comprehensive range of duty-free liquors and tobacco, elevating your onboard experience. Trust SINGMAR for quality, diversity, and a commitment to making every voyage feel like coming home. Embark on a journey with SINGMAR—where global excellence meets the comforts of home.