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Marine Information Technology

Computer updates, maintenance & repair

At SINGMAR, we can help keep your computer as secure and efficient as possible through regular software updates and routine system maintenance to help avoid data loss, new viruses and other potential risks.

We can help you solve your IT problems

Smooth Sailing Solutions: Navigate IT Challenges with Our Dedicated Onboard Specialist! Struggling with IT issues on your vessel? We’ve got your back! Benefit from a FREE consultation with our dedicated IT specialist. We go the extra nautical mile to: Identify the exact problems affecting your IT systems. Propose optimal solutions to ensure your vessel sails on time. Let us be your compass in the world of IT. Contact us today for a seamless voyage into problem-solving excellence!”

Our services are

“Seamless IT Solutions: 24/7 Support Onboard or In-Office, Swift Service, and Cost-Efficiency Guaranteed!”

Optimize IT Operations with Comprehensive Services

“Optimize IT Operations with Comprehensive Services: Repair, Maintenance, and Supply. Expertise in Systems like Windows Vista, XP, 98, 2000, BIOS, and Apple iMac. Hardware Solutions cover Server, Monitor, Printer, Main Board, Modem, and Hard Drive. Software Applications include E-mail, Word Edits, Marine Software, Network Software, Hardware Drivers, Graphic Design, and Printer Drivers. Efficient Software Management for Windows Vista, XP, 98, 2000, Anti-virus Software, and Utilities. Intranet Support for Troubleshooting LAN Issues and Keeping Vessels’ Network Operational. Robust Backup Solutions encompass Data Backup, Secure Storage, and Redundancy. Count on Reliable, Efficient, and Proactive IT Services for Uninterrupted Operations—Your Technology, Our Expertise.”